Application Integration

WebFones comes with out-of-the-box integration with Apple Address Book, Marketcircle Daylite contact management software, and Xsilva LightSpeed Point of Sale (POS) software. A SOAP API is provided for integrating WebFones with any other business systems you use.

Area Code Filters

WebFones Caller ID Filters allow calls to be routed based on the caller's area code. This means you can send callers with certain area codes to priority queues and direct callers from outside your calling area to voicemail.

Auto Attendant

An auto-attendant is a a phone system menu that allows callers to direct themselves to a person or department by entering a digit on their phone keypad. Sometimes a well designed auto-attendant is the most efficient way to connect callers to the people who can help.

Busy Light

Busy Lights show who is on the phone. While most traditional phone systems offer some type of status indicator, few are able to offer it for extensions across multiple physical locations.

Call History

WebFones makes it easy to capture information about phone calls and to use contact management software to further automate, analyze and manage calls. WebFones comes with easy-to-use, web-based tools for accessing call log reports and downloading them using standard formats.

Call Queues

With WebFones call queues make it easy to create your own Call Center! Use queues to distribute incoming calls between representatives. Representative's phones ring, regardless of physical location, according to the ring strategies you specify. Call distribution options include: simultaneous ring; in-series; round robin; least recent; fewest calls; and random. You can also set WebFones to play a custom informational message about your organization or music while callers are waiting.

Call Recording

You can make WAV recordings of phone conversations simply by pressing the "Record" button on your IP phone or #7 on your cell phone. Recordings are sent automatically as a WAV file attachment your email box when the call ends. WebFones also offers always-on recording on any extension or phone number.

Caller ID Control

WebFones makes it easy to set the outgoing Caller ID Number, on either a company-wide or per-user basis. You choose whether you want your organization's main phone number or a user-specific number displayed on outgoing calls.

Caller ID Filtering

With WebFones you can use the caller's unique Caller ID number to customize how their call is routed whenever they call. This feature can be used in many ways; for example, to automatically route paid-support customers directly to a particular number, or to route VIP customers directly to specific people. You can also set up WebFones so that calls from different organizations are routed and answered differently.


WebFones makes it easy to capture information about phone calls and to use contact management software to further automate, analyze and manage calls. WebFones comes with easy-to-use, web-based tools for accessing call log reports and downloading them using standard formats.

Conference Bridge

With WebFones, you can configure your own conference bridge to allow a group of internal and external callers to dial in to a call without having to pay for outside teleconferencing services. Multiple conference bridge extensions can be configured and used simultaneously by different groups.

Contact Management

WebFones gives everyone in your company their own contact management system, with the option to share contacts across the organization. Users can auto-dial their contacts with the click of a button. Contact lists can be private, shared with a work group, or accessible company-wide. Lists can be accessed by VoIP phone, cell phone, iPad or web interface -- and any device can be used to dial a call.

End User Login

Password-protected login gives users the ability to manage the settings on their own phone extensions, listen to voicemail, use the contact management system and access the company directory. Administrators can assign users to groups for easy control over what users are allowed to view and edit.


Escalation rules can be set up for each extension so that callers can press * to bypass voicemail and reach a receptionist or other staff for immediate assistance.

Fax Server

With WebFones, you can set inbound fax numbers to an integrated fax server so that incoming faxes are sent as PDF attachments to email accounts. Traditional fax machine dial out are also supported.

Hot Desking

WebFones makes flexible office space possible with hot desking, a feature that allows users to login to any phone and make it their phone extension. When users log out the phone goes back to its originally assigned extension settings.


WebFones provides access to voicemail via an IMAP connection allows a user's email client to manage voicemails directly in the phone system. Deleting a message on the IMAP server also removes it from the website and phone system voicemail.

Incoming Caller ID

WebFones accesses a national Caller ID database to provide you with the name of a caller, if it exists. It also provides you with a private Caller ID database where you can enter your own Caller IDs for numbers not in the national database, such as cell phone numbers.


2-way-intercom is a phone system feature where someone at one phone can speak to someone at another location on speaker phone without answering. While this may make it convenient for work-groups to communicate interactively when they are in separate offices, it can also be a powerful tool for receptionists.

Live Receptionist

WebFones provides receptionists with a rich set of call-handling tools to present the right professional image for your business including an auto attendant to handle calls when no one is available to answer. This "hybrid approach" gives callers the benefit of speaking with a live person, while efficiently routing calls when the receptionist is busy or unavailable.


WebFones comes with web-configurable, multi-level menus that make it easy for authorized personnel to set and modify call-routing options anywhere, anytime. Built-in logic guides administrators step-by-step through setting up and scheduling call-routing for after-hours operation, posting holiday attendant messages, and handling other situations, such as weather delays or staff meetings.

Mobile VoIP

WebFones offers full support for mVoIP. Any iPhone or Android phone or device can be turned into a soft phone when high speed communications (LAN, WIFI or 4G) are available. Other times it will use the cell network to connect you to your calls.


WebFones unleashes your business from the constraints of physical location. Now you can provide employees with anywhere-access to all the features of a centralized business phone system. It doesn't matter where you and your employees are located -- WebFones services all locations simultaneously, so that your business appears as a single unified entity when your customers call.

One Number Calling

With WebFones, a single phone number can be set to ring multiple office locations and cell phones or even ring an outside number to find you.


WebFones enables paging broadcasts using the speakers on phone handsets, as well as through a VoIP paging interface (Snom PA1) that plugs into a loudspeaker system at larger sites. To page someone, simply dial the pager extension set up beforehand and speak into your handset.

Phone Number

WebFones sophisticated routing capabilities go beyond forwarding calls to a receptionist or menu tree. Support for Direct Inward Dial (DID) means specific incoming numbers can be routed automatically to specific extensions, so that specific callers directly reach a specific person, department, and/or message and menu when dialing your main number.

Phone Provisioning

Phone equipment comes pre-configured to connect to your WebFones phone system, directly from the distributor. Configuring your phone is as easy as adding your phone to your extension online and plugging it into an Internet connection.

Presets & Schedules

In addition to scheduled after-hours call-routing, WebFones gives you the flexibility to create saved versions of routing configurations for holiday hours, weather delays, special events, or other situations. These can be enabled from the web interface, a cell phone, or, automatically, on a preset schedule.

Simultaneous Ring

WebFones can be set to make multiple phone extensions ring when any phone extension is dialed, so a colleague or assistant can answer your phone when you are not available. Users can easily configure this feature for their extension without impacting existing call queues and the ring groups used in call menus.

SMS Messaging

WebFones offers full texting capabilities so you can have a two way conversation with your customers using your business telephone number. Text chats can be delivered to multiple users and there is a full send/receive API allowing you to build applications that auto-respond to your customers.


A softphone is a software phone that lets you make calls over the internet from a computer or other smart device. Conversations usually take place through a headset or a microphone and computer speakers. In most cases you will find a softphone used in conjunction with a hosted VoIP service. There are many softphones available on the market which will work with WebFones. We recommend Bria 3, but any phone that supports the g729 codec will work well.

Speed Dial

Each user can enter speed-dial numbers using their extension that can be used on all of their phones. Up to 100 speed-dial numbers can be defined by each user.

Voicemail Broadcast

WebFones makes it easy for company leaders to send a voicemail message to a defined group of users or to the entire company. Voicemail distribution groups are defined using a simple menu interface and a voicemail message can be sent to everyone in a specific group, simply by dialing that group mailbox.

Voicemail via Email

WebFones sends digital voicemail sound files and Caller ID via email, so it's easy to scan, forward and organize voicemail messages. Traditional voicemail retrieval (dialing a voicemail box) is also supported.

Web Administration

Simple, secure, and flexible web-based tools and menus make WebFones set-up and administration easy. Use your favorite web-browser to access the system anytime, anywhere to make changes in how call are handled. Get up-to-date health and usage information on your entire phone network. Sort data by user, groups, to- and-from dates, and more to create your own reports and gain the insights you need


WebFones provides online access to voicemail via a web interface. Deleting voicemail on the web also clears your voicemail on your phone.

Whisper Mode

Whisper Mode allows more experienced employees to listen in on a conversation and privately offer pointers to a new employee that the customer cannot hear.

2-Way Intercom

WebFones offers full two-way intercom capabilities between phones, regardless of physical location. Now staff can reach out and interact with someone on the other side of the country as easily as someone across the hall.